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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Tootsie Roll

The child in this photo, Mildred Powell, was the last owner of the camp. She
is pictured below as an adult.
This camp was the western most Hayne Blvd. camp--located just east of the Lakefront (Shushan) airport.

The photo was taken in 1919 or 1920.

The great-grandchildren of the little girl pictured above brought their family photos to us at St. Philip Neri School.
The camp was owned and enjoyed by the family for 5 generations. Named 'Tootsie Roll' after Morris 'Toots' Powell, Sr. this camp was rebuilt twice--first after arsonists burned it down and then after Hurricane Camille.

'Tootsie Roll' was destroyed in the 1980's to make way for the South Shore Marina, an overpass, and Harrah's Lakeshore Resort.

Amber and Perry Manning (ages 9
and 12), who so gratiously shared these photos with us, have no recollections of
the camp.
Front of the camp. Mildred Powell can be seen in the

      Another view from the levee.

    ChuckBrechtel, Ellen Boudreaux Brechtel, and Liz Brechtel Manning relaxing. Viewed from the back walk.

'My grandmother said that they use to rent the camps when she was little. My
grandpa owned his, which was named 'Tootsie Roll' after him (by my cousin, Karen
Tricon) - Morris 'Toots' Powell, Sr. Our camp was the first camp next to the
airport before they tore it down. There were two camps before ours - one was
burned down by arsonist and the second one got blown down by Hurricane Camille.

It really is a shame that my children, Amber and Perry, have no recollection
of the camp because we had a lot of wonderful times and memories.

Unfortunately the camps are not the same as they use to be - my husband's
uncle owns one in Lake Catherine and his is definitely different - his camp is
not over water and does not have a back porch over the water - which we spent
many of nights enjoying the breeze and each other's company. We had
air-condition or phones - which he his has both. We had to cross the railroad
tracks and go to the Time Saver across the street to use the phone.

Now a days you can't go anywhere without being beeped. I was telling my kids
how my family saved plenty of money on vacations because we spent every weekend
at the camp. My brother use to fish from the back porch at night and catch sand
sharks about three feet long - which was big enough for me.'

Liz Brechtel Manning