New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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And the #1 Reason for Going to the Camp--Pure FUN!

Probably the best part of going to the camp (aside from getting to hang around with a whole bunch of kids while the parents were too busy having fun with the other grown-ups to pay too much attention to what you were doing) was getting to go in the lake.

The camps all had some steps down from the walk or from the porch down to the lake. So you'd go down some steps and end up in the water. Being on Lake Pontchartrain, no matter how far the camp was out into the water, when you got down the steps the water was usually no higher than your waist. So even little kids could usually "swim" in the lake and it wasn't too deep for them. Even big kids who didn't know how to swim usually liked to go into the lake because it was shallow enough to not be afraid.

What kid could not love a place that was too much fun to even bother wanting to watch TV, so cool it had an Iceman & Mr. Lake, so hot it had solar power, it's own lingo (way of talking), it's own name, bats, alligator gars, and needle fish, where you had slumber party every night, and where you were pretty much left alone to just be a kid. It was heaven.