New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Around the House


It would be wonderful to be able to identify this little old lady, photographed somewhere in the city at the beginning of the second decade of  this century. But we have no idea who she was or exactly where this photograph was taken. She looks like a pleasant person, though, who didn't mind posing for our mystery photographer, perhaps on her own doorstep.
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Housekeepin’ Tip:

Quick ‘n’ Eazee Freezuh Cleanin’.

1. Put uh bottluh Almaden Mountin Chablee in ya freezuh fa’ chillin’. (A white Zinfandel might woik mo’ bettuh.).

2. Fagitabowt it ovuhnight.

3. Ramembuh dat it’s in dere da nex’ mawnin’ right befoah ya plannin’ ta walk out da doah ta run ya erruns ya bin puttin’ awf fa’ latuh.

4. Put awn pratecktive gloves ta remove shawds a’ glass.

5. Put toikey an’ udda frozen food dat ya’ wanna keep awn da’ floah. (Watch da dawg don’t git at it!)

6. Put da outdated meats an’ fish in a lawdge gawbidge bag.

7. Mop up wan (wine) slurpee awf da bottomaduh freezuh wit’ several dispozabul clawt (cloth) rags.

8. Place rags in duh same gawbidge bag as duh meat an’ duh fish.

9. Place gawbidge bag in ya’ gawbidge can owtsod (outside).

An’ WA-LAH…..ya’ freezuhz bin cleaned, dawlin’!