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Thursday, February 02, 2023
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Canal Street

Photo: Canal Street 1909

Going to Canal Street to see the Mr. Bingle window display at Maison Blanche--The decorators just finished it. I have an appointment at the doctor's there too. I always love riding in the brass lined elevator with that nice operator. His gloves are always so nice and white.

Then, I'll meet my Na-Nan under Holmes' clock and we'll have lunch, maybe at Holmes', maybe at Tony's on Bourbon. I hope she buys me a new linen collar for my cardigan. Godchaux's has some real nice ones, with beading.

Last time we went to Canal Street, she bought me a new felt poodle applique for the circular skirt my Mama made. If I get the new collar today, I'll have a whole new outfit for St. Anthony's dance Sunday.
. I've lived away for many years, but still have a tiny Mr. Bingle pin my grandmother gave me. She was a saleslady in the housewares department at Maison Blanche, and in those days they wore white uniforms - sort of like nurses. Wish there were such a thing as a time machine so I could go back and visit those days.
My first job out of high school was at MB. I was first the detailist for the Junior Department, and then the Children's Department - 1962 through 1964. Then love, marriage and children.

As I journey back, the scene is so very different from today, not just visually, but so much feels different; the smells, the sounds, the energy of it all.

Was it just because we were young and experiences were new that it felt so exciting? Or, was it really that magical of a time? I believe it was very special.

Topic: Going to Canal Street
Posted by: Cathy at Mon Jun 24 19:19:26 2002
Rita's Waterbury's info got me thinking about going to Canal Street when I was a young teenager. My friends and I started taking the bus from the suburbs when we were around 12 yrs. old. It was a big event.

We got all dressed up. Went to "Holmeses" and "Gotchose" and maybe even into Adlers to be fancy but we'd buy stuff at the MB Annex. Then we'd mosey on over to the Crystal (or was it a Royal Castle) for lunch and then around the corner for a show at the Orpheum. We thought we were hot stuff.

Topic: Seems like dese fourums awe betta when we tawk Yat
Posted by: Cathy at Mon Jun 24 21:17:20 2002
So...Here's my last posting, this time in Yat:

Ritah's Wawtabury's info got me thinkin' bout goin' ta Cahnalll Street whenahwasa young teenayjah. Mah' frenzanI stawted takin' tha bus from tha suburbs when we were about 12. Itwasa big event.

We got ALLLLL dressed up. Wentta' Holmeses and Gotchose an maybe even inta Adlah's ta be fancy but we'd buy stuff at tha MB Annex. Then we'd mosey on ovah tatha Crystal (awe was it a Royal Castle) fah lunch an then aroun tha cawnah faw a show at the Awefeeum. We thawt we wa hot stuff.

Posted by: Mike at Sun Jun 30 02:46:40 2002
As a barn and bread nin't water, I have ta agree, but dawlin hawt, we don't all sound like dat

Posted by: OKYat at Sat Jun 29 07:44:42 2002
Gawd, yea, we usta go to "town" on da bus. Went a lot when I'se little wit mah ol maid aunt. She'd buy "woik" dresses at Krauss, but she bought huh "woik" shoes at Holmeses cause dey carried shoes with specific heel widths, "I need a size 7 AA, wit a quad A heel." We also waited while she bought Van Raalte stockings, (size 7 petite)and sometoms hankachifs fuh huh best frens birtday present. Afta da shoppin we somtoms went to da show, sometoms to Morrison's, and sometoms we went to Woolswoith to get about 10 goldfish dat would be dead by da next mornin!