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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Billboards around the City

Posted by: Dawleen at Sun Jun 16 04:29:50 2002
Remember Canal Street at night, before the suburban shopping centers drew business away from New Orleans' downtown? Many of the buildings had huge billboards atop them and there were two that fascinated me when my Sister and I were treated to a movie with Mom and Dad. There was one sign on the roof of either Loews State Theater or the Joy Theater (can't remember which!) and this sign was illuminated and animated by thousands of light bulbs that created stick-man figures performing amusing little actions 'way up there in the nighttime sky. There was another sign that captured our rapt attention and it may have been on the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel (now the Fairmont). This sign featured a huge picture of a man smoking a cigarette and he would blow real smoke rings from an opening in his mouth.

Does anyone remember a particular billboard that might have captured your youthful (or adult) attention?

Topic: Crystal Preserves
Posted by: Cathyc at Thu Jun 20 20:28:45 2002
I love that Crystal Preserves guy-- he's bin sturrin' nat stuff witha steam comin' off a' it fah as long as ah kin remembah. Where exactly is that billboard?

Posted by: BB at Fri Jun 21 06:58:34 2002
As you are entering the I-10 from Tulane Ave., he's right dere to your right.

Posted by: OKYat at Sun Jun 16 15:07:11 2002
I don't remember those billboards, but we didn't go to "town" very often at night. I do remember a running neon sign on top of one of the bowling alleys where a man bowled a strike every time.

Topic: O'Shannnesay's?
Posted by: Cathy at Sun Jun 16 20:26:21 2002
Spelling probably wrong but I think the place may b right. Is that it?

Posted by: Dawleen at Mon Jun 17 14:40:35 2002
Was that on Airline at the Parish Line? I think there was also a night club there called the Alibi Lounge.

Posted by: OKYat at Tue Jun 18 10:06:36 2002
I think it was on Airline near the parish line. I also remember there was O'Dwyer's bowling alley, too, but I don't have a clue where it was.

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