New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, February 26, 2024
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Awtsquaya = Artsquare = coated paper flooring also know as linoleum. Forum quote: 'In the modern era of the 1950's, we would paint the parimeter of the room - the old pine floor boards - with an oil based
brown or green paint for a border. We would buy the artsquare and center it in with room and Voila! We were redecorated!

The artsquare store was on St. Bernard and St. Claude, in the two story building with the railing on the uptown, lakeside of the corner. (the New Orleans way of giving directions). Just this week I had to give such instruction to a tourist who could not figure out N S E W. I told him no self-respecting local could either. A forum response: 'I had to laugh at the comment about giving directions to tourists who could not figure North, South, East or West in New Orleans. I mean, how can anyone figure it out when South Carrollton crosses South Claiborne? And most of the
North/South streets actually run East and West?'