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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Insignificant little question...
Fri Dec 20 2002 10:23:12 am
I was just wondering - a little food memory from my childhood is that people used to butter French bread and dunk it into their coffee. Was this just a New Orleans custom? Sounds a bit yucchy, since you'd get a bit of melted butter in the coffee, but actually I remember that it tasted good!

my standard breakfast...
That was my standard breakfast on school days. My mom would toast the french bread in the oven already lightly buttered cut in fours lenght-ways and make cafe au lait.

I don't know when I started eating this but it lasted through high school. I did not actually start drinking coffee by the cup until college.

French Bread Ends...
hollowed out and filled with condensed milk. Old timers tell me about this. I never had it but it sure sounds good. But they don't call them "ends", they say "knobs".

Yeah, I've heard of that, too...
and my old-timer dad says he used to drink condensed milk right out of the can when he was young. Wow - talk about sugar shock!

Hey Lakeview...
Isn't your father in his late 80s? I guess he proves the doctors wrong--anybody who drank condensed milk out of the can and lived to be an octogenarian must have done some things right.

Yep, my dad's 88...
...and grew up eating all the fatty (delicious) N.O. foods. But in middle age he discovered health foods and took lecithin, wheat germ, vitamins, etc. for years. Also, all that "tomato gravy" since childhood probably helped, because now we hear that the lycopene in it is very good for you. Seems to me there are a few participants in this forum whose parents or grandparents are in their 80's and 90's. Who knows how much of it is due to life style and how much to genes? (Not smoking helps, though!)

I had three maiden lady aunts who all lived their entire lives in N.O. and all to their late eighties. They drank the river water, fried everything they possibly could, and only exercised if it the end result was something that needed to be done such as walking to the bus or mowing the grass - never exercise for exercise sake. One of their brothers who lived the same "unhealthy" lifestyle is now 85, still hale, hearty, and probably in better shape than me. I suspect genetics is the factor working in their case.

...and V-8...
One of my younger co-workers was telling us the other day that when she was pregnant she craved condensed milk and V-8...a spoon full'a condensed milk, a sip'pa V-8, a spoon full...

For me it was cold stuff. Watermelon in February. Ice Cream. Frostys. Etc.

Bluddee Merreeze...
Do enny uv yawl remembuh Tyler's awn Maggazeen an' Bellecastle? Dey yousta make uh ersta daiquiri dat wood nock ya sox awf! It wus a playne an' simpul bluddy merree widduh couple aw t'ree erstas innit an' wizzed inna blenduh (uh cawse it had duh requisite amownt uh hawseradish an' udda stuff innit ta make it tayse good, ya' know!).

Ya Got Ma Mout' Wahterin'...
I'm thinkin' of a Bloody Mary with'tha oystahs thrown in whole. Spicy V-8, hawse-radish, Lea & Perrin's, Crystal Hot Sauce, lemon juice, some Tony's and gawlic salt, an' a half a dozen cold, salty raw ones thrown in right off'fa da shell. Who needs celery when ya got raw oystahs ta chew on?

Awwww, Cathy......!
Ya' maykin' me have uh awgunizum!

I know what'cha mean...
I can't wait ta try dis cause ah know it's gon'na be an awganic expeerience. Ah don't think one'na dese is gon'na be enough to satisfy my needs. So ahm lookin' fawwud to one'na nem multiple awganisms.

I'll have my V-8 with vodka and extra pickled green beans, please.