New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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The post about Scoop Kennedy got me thinking about something a couple of chef's told me about New Orleans food.

They contend that the menus were basically the same at the well known restaurants. You saw the same dishes over and over again.

It was Paul Prudhomme at Commander's who started the revolution which has coninued to this day. Now there is real diversity while maintaining reverance for the classical dishes and ingredients.

I understand that Emeril and Marcelle Bienvenu worked at Commander's under Chef Paul Prudhomme. I wonder if that's where Em got his 'BAM' from?

Bam! I just google into info that said Emeril was a drummer. Never heard that before but here it is:

'At the same time he was developing his now-famous culinary skills, Emeril was also considering another career path - that of musician. A talented percussionist, Emeril was offered a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music. The man really wanted to be in show biz - but originally the idea was to be a rock star.' From

From USA Today 'Today:
'the native of Fall River, Mass., who has spent the past 20 years in New Orleans but also has an apartment here (New York), flies around in a private jet. The man who turned down a full music scholarship (he's an accomplished drummer) to pay to go to cooking school owns six restaurants in New Orleans, Las Vegas and Orlando.' at

Could this be why he 'Bams' everything?
Mr. Lake

Could be. I think percussionists also play the triangle.

He could just say 'tinkle'.