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Thursday, February 02, 2023
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Brunswick Back Bars

Have any of you seen anything like this in the Big Easy? I have personally seen two of these. One at Bruning's old location before it was washed into the Lake and another at Bud Rip's Bar at Piety and Burgundy down in da Nint' Wawd. I would love to know if there are any more of these Brunswick Back Bars anywhere in the City.

A hundred or more years ago, The Brunswick Company brought in skilled German cabinet makers and wood workers to build these structures to get hotel and restaurant and bar owners to use their services.
If you've seen other Brunswick Bars or Brunswick Back Bars, please let us know! They are characterized by their cherry stained mahogany, acanthus crowned capitals and beveled glass mirrors.

I seem to remember a massively impressive bar in the Chart House... August 25 2003, 11:21 PM

... in the Quarter (with access to the balcony overlooking Jackson Square) when I frequented it back in the late 1970s; but only dimly remember its dark wooden aspect and don't know whether it was a Brunswick.

A beauty of a bar..... August 26 2003, 4:26 AM

inside the Praline Connection there is a really long, ornate bar. Have you seen it?

Here's some info:

The hall features a 50 foot ornate bar once owned by mafia boss Al Capone.


Al Capone's Brunswick Bars August 26 2003, 7:30 AM

That isn't the first time I heard that old "Scarface" owned one Brunswick Bar or another. There is one mentioned at this website

Maybe the Capone angle is a selling point in the antique dealers' circles, much the same as the "little old lady" is with the used car dealers?