New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Local Radio and TV

Kirschman’s T.V. commercial...."you take a cab there, we pay the cab fare" and as a man and woman emerged from the cab a little guy came out of Kirschman's and handed the cab driver some cash.

"Let`s tell a story" -- With Terry Fletrich on Channel 6.

Channel 12 was Channel 13.
Anybody know the origin of the WTIX call letters? The "W" is a no-brainer, but wondering about last three. My uncle, who used to study these things, said that WNOE came from a man named Noe, and WSMB combined the initials of "Saenger" and "Mason Blanche." I think the studios were in the Maison Blanche building.... Anybody got any others?
I remember listening to WNOE as a kid and hearing (over and over again) "A Governor Noe station", or something like that.