New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Kenner Bowl

Tha Kennah Bowl was on Vets. near Williams Blvd. It's gone now but I don't know what they put there.

I was in a kids league, bowled every Saturday, even had my own ball (with somebody else's name engraved on it because it was second hand). Fun times.
The one I have right now has "Jean" on it, as it belonged to my aunt, but I prefer to tell everyone that I give my bowling balls unique names. Seems to be a common thing as a man I work with whose name is Guy has a ball named "Bob", and a lady named Christy has "Genevieve" the swirly pink ball.
I remember that mine (my own personal second hand bowling shoes) were a kinda' pastel gray/green lace up model (circa 1964). I even had a bowling glove--very impressive. As well as a bean bag type of object to dry one's hands before stepping on to "the approach". Even then one MUST dry one's hand (the glove hand) on that little blower thing in the center of where you looked for YOUR bowling ball amid the fray.

But getting back to the SHOES...weren't those rental shoes great? I'm remembering a tan and maroonish color for the ladies shoes. And how the "minus" and "plus" signs were connected to the shoe size number. Are they still like that? I know they are at Rock-n-Bowl but that's not really a real bowling alley. Not knocking Rock-n-Bowl--great place. Bad shoes.