New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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No one we know ever really saw one but all we knew they were out there.
There were reports of grunches in New Orleans East...

Anybody remember Grunch Rd. in N.O.East?
A couple of blks off Haynes Blvd near Mayo I think. Grunch road in the east was Curran...Went there to scare dates in the 70's.

In Metairie...
I think the grunches move around.... We had one out in Metairie back in the boonies near the lake before the massive suburban development took place.

We went to a Grunch Road in Harahan off of Hickory. It was a gravel road off Hickory. There were horse stables there also. I think the horses are gone now and it became industrial.

City Park...

We went to Grunch Road in City Park during the early 70s. Dark as hell and quite scary. We were told that his is where the hook man did his evil deeds.

An undisclosed location...

I used to hear about Grunch Rd. and snipe hunts. First, we go way out to the middle of nowhere, say, Grunch Rd., we have sacks or pillowcases and sticks. I tell you to beat the weeds/bushes with a stick while yelling "Snipe! Snipe!" I'll go down a ways and you'll chase the snipes in my direction and I'll catch them in my sack. Only trouble is, there's no such animal and I leave you out in the dark beating the bushes yelling like a fool. Of course I have to have a bunch of other juvenile pranksters with me to laugh at you or it's not all that funny. It's a pretty popular prank among pre-teens and picks up again when drinking enters the picture.

Is that where Benny lives???