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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Great McNut

Children's television show during the 1950s hosted by Wayne Mack who also served as a sports reporter.

A story:
I rememba tha barrell tha kids yoosta crawl through to getta theyah seats. An' nere was a rope they'ed grab atta uthuh end. An' ney wah SUPPOSED ta grab da rope an kine'na swing a lil an'nen let go an land on'na floohaw. An'nare was always some kid who had'da problem with this. An' he'd look reeeal spastic (which is a terrible word to use, but we used it all the time) an we'd laugh at'im and make fun of'im.

Kids are cruel.

I always wanted da go on'nat show. Didn't wan'na go on'nat wimpy lookin' Uncle Henry Popeye show. Awe even'na John Pela space guy show (did he have kids on there?). I nevah got ta go on any ah da shows. Sad.