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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Sun Dec 15 2002 5:13:46 pm

Had a late night Reveillon on the cruise. I don't know how true to tradition it was because I never had one before. I had turkey and andouille gumbo, shrimp salad, and smoked salmon. There were all sorts of other dishes offered, but I was too full from dinner to try them.

Smoked Salmon??? I love smoked salmon, but can't imagine that the Creoles had this.

the tradition...
According to everything I have read about the tradition, the meal was held after Midnight Mass on Christmas.

I applaud the revival of Reveillons but it is a marketing tool for restaurants. It is a nice name for a pris fixe meal during December at nice restaurants.

The Creoles...
I am a mixture of many cultures and bloodlines (aren't we all?). But my grandmother (now 90 yrs. old) came from a true Creole family. I will ask her what she remembers about these Reveillons. My mother told me that she was reminded during the steamboat Reveillon that her family always had green onions in a vinegarette on Christmas Eve, along with pickled vegetables and olives.

Which reminds me... my mother ALWAYS has celery stuffed with Philadelphia Cream Cheese during most holidays. Does anyone else do that anymore?

My mama, too...
always did the Philly Cream Cheese stuffed celery! Once in a while I do it too, but I think she used to mix the cream cheese with some seasonings, and I can't remember what they were. And I think she used to sprinkle a bit of paprika on top. I love this simple little appetizer.

Yep, Paprika...
Sprinkles on top in ow-uh house, too!