New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Mrs. Fury

Dat's Mrs. Fury on'na top--left

Oh my gawd!! I came to work this morning with a headache I've had for approximately 18 hours now. I think you've cured me (or at least given me a much needed laugh). These pictures are fabulous! Immediately I was reminded of a little factoid - My great aunt, Helen Englert, was Miss New Orleans 1941 or 1942. I'm reasonably sure it's 1941. I love the other pics. I am still looking through the weekend's posts to try and catch up with y'all.
Mrs. Fury

1941- Helen Englert, Miss New Orleans.
Read all about it at

Bah da way, my grammaw went ta school wit Dorothy Lamour (Lambour) who was da 1931 queen. Mimi says she was a real nice goil.
Mr. Lake

Dorothy Lamour wuz in my dad's social soicle, too--maybe a bit later than when your grandma knew her. I think he only knew Dorothy peripherally - it sounds as if there was basically a "crowd" of young people who always ran into each other at dances and house parties - some were your friends and some you just knew in passing. As I've said before, it seems that dancing was HUGE in those days.

The Englert family--Lived across da street from an Englert family in da '50's. Dey were onda cawna a Constance an' Webster St. I hadda crush on deir nephew, Michael A_____, who lived inda nex' blocka Webster.

By da way, ma Mama wuz da second runnuh-up fa Miss N.O. in 1936 (or so I hoid). Huh boyfrien' at da time tole huh dat da guys behin' him in da crowd said, "Dat one looks ok, but she's conna chunky."

Momma nevah said much about da pagent. I tink dey jus' didn't have much else ta do wit' themselves, so dey entered contests an' such. No HBO, ya know?

Yeah, and they went to da Beach 'cause it was cooluh bah da lake in'na summuh tahm. Now a days people say it's too hot out there. Dat's a shame, ya know?
Mr. Lake

Our parents never got air-conditioning, and we used to go to West End. Packed a lunch, brought a deck of cards, and we were good to go. And yes, it was much cooler out there. Always a nice breeze, which makes me wonder how we managed to play cards?