New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Yep, dat's me but it's really CopCop's Vitameatavegamin remedy for my lawrencitis.

But'cha tawkin funny in'nat photo. Ya tronna get real uptown saying stuff like "serving"? Ah thought it was pranounced "soiving".
Mr. Lake

Are yiou being served? And speaking of service...

Appropriate language is all important.

When I was a very young doctor in the military (the Royal Air Force, back in England, many decades ago), I was assigned as junior medical officer to a large air base with a family practice.

Back then we dispensed our own prescriptions during sick parade. On my first morning, I proudly dispensed some tablets to a sick airman, and wrote importantly on the label: "Dissolve in the mouth".

My venerable flight sergeant, who was also my indispensable mentor in the ways of the military, took one look at the bottle, shook his head, and scratched out my words. "'E won't know what 'dissolve' means, sir", he patiently explained; "That's fer officers. Put 'suck' for airmen, sir".