New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Heah's da pictcha a LakeviewGals weddin
dat da TP did'n publish.
Mr. Lake

Iz dat Bertie an' Mum???

By George, I think she's got it!

But you left out the caption, Mr Lake.

The future 'Queen Mum' should be saying:

"Bertie, dear, do we know that Lakeview person? I do hope that you can arrange for us to meet her on our visit to our North American colonies.."

Guess y'all kin cawl me Ya hahness from nah on!

Yeah ya rite, ya majusty.
Mr. Lake

Ah guess it ain't fayah uh me not ta show mah current face when y'all awe showin' yours. So Mistuh Lake, if ya wanna show dat pictcha Ah sent ya uh me and hubby dat wuz taken a few weeks ago, ya can go ahead.

Here it is wit da right heads on'na correct bodies:

Hello Luciano and Marilyn. It's nice ta see ya.

Thanks - wrong voice category, though...
(Ah woulda nevah married a tenor - Ah prefuh baritones!)

Thanks fuh sharin', hawt!

I awreddy felt lak I noo ya, an Ah noo yoo was smawt and nice, but nah Ah kin put a face in mah mond when Ah read ya always good posts.

Ta really be fayuh duh portraitist should put y'alls pictures on top uh Pavoratti an dat Horne chick dat's always inna crosswoid puzzles.

Only if dat meant we could have dere bankroll!

Ya gowajus dahlin'. Y'all look like da poifect couple! Mr. Gal has a great smile.
Mrs. Fury

Dat's real nice uh ya ta say!
I don't know about "perfect", but we still have a lot of fun, even after almost 20 years of marriage and 32 years of knowing each other - I think it's just dumb luck!