New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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It's our good friend Rita, who seems to be having some problems.

Ah kin jes tell dat Rita is abowt ta do wunnadem jump in da ayuh an kickarown' t'ings an' knock da gun outta da guy's han! Ya' kin jes' see it in huh eyez!

Yeah, and Ah bet'cha huh langwidge whahl she's doin awl'lat stuff is konna salty--but lady like.
Mr. Lake

Of Course! Salty, ladylike language is one of the main things they teach English majors at UNO. Right, Rita?

Fa shoah!

"You rogue! I'll make a sop o' th' moonshine of you. You whoreson cullionly barber-monger!" (KING LEAR)

"Oh, were mine eyeballs into bullets turn'd,
That I in rage might shoot them at your faces!" (HENRY VI, part 1)

"You are cock and capon too, and you crow, cock, with your comb on." (CYMBELINE)

"I will wash off gross acquaintance." (TWELFTH NIGHT)

An' so fort' an' so fort' says da dame. Nuttin' lahk da Bawd fa a good insult.

Awe Sumpin' lahk "Blast ya you jackrabbit varmit, you. How'd I end up wit' dese two Morgusaroids?"

Dis is drivin' me nuts! Mr. Lake, if you could put back the original lady's face in the picture, maybe that would give us more of a clue in identifying the photo. I still think the old guy is probably Lionel Atwill, and after some hunting around, the younger guy MAY be an actor named Douglas Fowley, but I'm not sure about that. Could we see the lady's face before she was transformed into Rita?

Are you telling us that Rita is an imposter???
Mr. Lake

I THINK what we may have here is from a 1945 movie called "Crime, Inc.", with Tom Neal, Lionel Atwill and Martha Tilton.


Heah's huh befooah pictcha:

Howzzat fa a digital self-portrait??

Ya mean ya did ya own thing? Just fuh us?
Mr. Lake

Yeah, hadda toin ma head so's da flash woodn't have me lookin' lahk a rabbit in da headlahts.